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09 April 2010

i need some help...

i suppose pretty much everyone knows by now that i am on medical leave. i have been on medical leave since april 2009. yeah, so, this month marks 1 year. however... while my application for extended medical leave has been in review, since september 2009, i have been on unpaid leave. yeah. unpaid leave for the last 7 months. i have applied over and over for state assistance, but because i am "technically" employed, they keep telling me i do not qualify for financial assistance. also, because i am employed, i do not qualify for unemployment or disability... even though i have not been getting paid. i was able to get food assistance thru the state. i get $50 a week. that was a bit of a relief to finally get that. but i have been denied for every other state program i have applied for.

i suppose i should get right to the point. i need some help with money. i hate asking for help, but i dont know what else to do. i have been selling stuff out of my storage unit for the last few months, but i really dont have much else to sell. my house is on the verge of foreclosure, but i am trying to get approved to sell it as a short sale before the foreclosure goes through. disconnected home internet since it is basically a luxury. i havent had teevee service for about 5 years. i got (another) extension on my phone bill - it is now due the 24th. my big scary thing is my health insurance. since i am on unpaid leave, i am responsible for my health insurance. kinda like cobra, but it is not cobra. anywhom. if i dont make the payments, they will retroactively decline my medical bills and i will be responsible for the full cost of those bills. i have only been able to make 2 of the 4 payments for my insurance. right now i owe $533.66 immediately and another $533.66 by the end of april. i have been trying to get the money together, but i only have a little over $100 right now. aside from asking for help from family and friends, i just dont know what else to do.

my employer's medical leave board said they would have a decision "on or before april 16, 2010". here is the thing... if they approve my extended medical leave retroactive to september 2009, i would get all that back-pay. yay! however, there is no way they will have the money issued to me in the next couple of weeks by the time i need it. on the other hand, if they deny me, then i will be retroactively separated/terminated/fired as of september 2009. the fact that they have taken 7 months to make a decision, and they are now down to the last 7 days before i am technically "separated" from the company, well, that doesnt give me positive vibes that this will work out in my favor. but, another way to look at this is that if i am denied and they terminate me, i will be able to get some of my stock money that has been frozen since i was put on unpaid leave. but that will take 30-60 days. so, either way i should get money coming to me... but either way, it wont make it here in time for me to save myself from health insurance cancelations, utility disconnections, and whatnot by the end of april.

so, currently i need to come up with $1,900 by the end of the month. i am not asking that anyone break their bank or take away from their family in order to help me. and i must say, if you are willing and able to help me, you will be added to my IOU list. i intend to repay every single penny i borrow. i am only asking for a loan. i am not asking for anyone to just give me money. okay? i want to make that super duper clear. if you know me at all, you know that i dont take asking for help lightly... i just dont know what other options i have. also, if you know me, you know that i will pay back everything i borrow... and if you ever need help, and i can help you, I WILL!

thanks for your consideration!
i love you all oodles and bunches!
be well.

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