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17 August 2009

angeLA vacation

hey there punks and kittens~~
i know, i know, that was a cheesy subject line...
but i thought it was clever--or cute...

i am attempting to plan a trip to lovely los angeles, california. i have never been there. my roommie is going with me for the last leg of the Nine Inch Nails tour.
arriving tuesday september 1 and leaving sunday septmber 6th.
(please see more details on the map below)

if you are in the LA area or know anything about LA, please by all means, dont hesitate to fill me in on ANYTHING that you can think of !!!

we will be renting a car. i think that'll be the smart bet.

stuff i (we) would like to do while in LA:

visit Pablo! (and Dangerbird)
Nine Inch Nails shows (of course, that's why we're going!)
Comedy Store and any other great comedy you can suggest.
Hollywood Sign
Chinese Theatre / Walk of Fame
Farmer's Market

i'm sure there is much more that i have not thought about yet... so if you think of anything, send it my way!

thanks in advance for all of your help and suggestions! much appreciated!
much love.
be well.


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