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30 August 2009

Angela's Nine Inch Nails / LA Itinerary

there are sooo many things that i want to do while in the LA area! we are actually staying on the Hollywood side of LA. i found an outstanding deal at a hotel over there that i just could not pass up. i am 100% going to visit a friend at Forest Lawn Cemetery. a friend that i never got to meet in person, but he inspired and inspires me in so many ways... Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz.
i want to hit up the comedy store since Pauly Shore has always been sweet and replied to every email i have ever sent him in request for LA advice. (unfortuantely Pauly wont be in town when i am). we also want to see the Hollywood Sign, Chinese Theatre... and all that jazz. i'll be sure to keep you updated! and if you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know! email me at or hit my up on my cell, text or call, if you are fortunate enough to have my digits. i'll post as many photos as i can from my phone while we are there... you can follow real-time updates i post from my phone via my twitter or you can check out my photos only, here.

so here is our itinerary:

Tuesday September 1, 2009

Leaving our house about midnight Monday/Tuesday since
the drive to airport is about 3 hours.

DEPART : Chicago O'Hare 5:15a (6:15a MI/IN time)
Flight # 180 Airbus A320

ARRIVE : Phoenix PHX 6:46a (9:46a MI/IN time)

DEPART : Phoenix PHX 7:30a (10:30a MI/IN time)
Flight # 24 Airbus A320

ARRIVE : Los Angeles LAX 8:55a (11:55a MI/IN time)

Then we pick up our rental car and head to the hotel!

Hollywood Heights Hotel
( i found a really great deal that was
less expensive than reserving directly
through their website or by phone )

Concert #1
Wednesday Sept 2nd
Nine Inch Nails
Hollywood Palladium
6215 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Concert #2
Saturday Sept 5th
Nine Inch Nails
The Wiltern Theatre
3790 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Sunday September 6, 2009

DEPART : Los Angeles LAX 4:20p (7:20p MI/IN time)
Flight # 500 Airbus A320

ARRIVE : Phoenix PHX 5:43p (8:43p MI/IN time)

DEPART : Phoenix PHX 6:47p (9:43p MI/IN time)
Flight # 9 Airbus A320

ARRIVE : Chicago O'Hare 12:13a (1:13a MI/IN time)

And then we will be zombies...
gather our luggage...
roam the parking lot looking for our car...
drive another 3 hours - arriving at home approx. 5:00a
and sleep A L L day monday!

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