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21 October 2009

a very quick rant, just to get it out!

what the heck did i do in this life or any other life to curse me with what i am going through now?!

sept.28th i spoke with my mortgage people about fact that i have NO income due to medical leave & rep told me i must file for "hardship program" (8 page application) THEN i can file for "forbearance" (only a 2 page application)to help me with my mortgage payment while i have no income. now, today, i called & diff rep told me hardship program only lowers payment, doesnt help when you have NO income, & that i should be filing forbearance! i told her that a month ago i was told the opposite! she dealt with my "unhappiness" well, & walked me thru 5/3 online how to do it fastest way. but i could have done that a month ago & been done with this & had my mortgage (possibly) taken care of by now! instead, i have not been able to pay my mortgage for the first time in 4 years (this month) & it's getting late fees & damaging my credit. AND she is not sure they will retro help me, but she said she will ask about it considering the situation. GAAA!

oh... and while i was typing the above note, my employer called and said they are officially putting my job up for bid. so when i am able to return to work, i will have to apply online and interview and be awarded a new position within the company. and as of april 25, 2010 my medical leave benefit will exhaust and i will be separated from the company if i have not yet returned.


Kendra said...

Did you ask about deferring payments? *VERY* temporary solution, but if it helps...

And applying online doesn't make a lick of sense when you're already with the company! That's for new hires! Shouldn't you be awarded a job when somebody bids out of it if you put a bid in on it? Or is that the issue? You aren't there to know what jobs are being put up so have to look online when you're ready to come back?

Darwyn said...