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16 October 2009

explanation of medical leave junk, and asking for your ideas

this was written last night... but i thought i lost it when my computer auto-update-restarted overnight. bothered me all day that i couldnt remember everything to rewrite it (since i was in a post-treatment-zombie-haze when i wrote it about 1a). then as i was just now trying to nap but my tornado of thoughts was keeping me awake, i realized that i used the "edit posts" on my blogger to spell check and it has auto save! so, here it is.

more and more medical leave paperwork. as i have stated before, i am on what my employer is calling "approved medical leave without pay" since i have exhausted all of my paid medical leave (26 weeks worth). i am still "attached" to the company, but they have back-filled my specific job. so when i am able to return to work, i will have to apply online for a job, interview, and be awarded a new position. right now, there are no jobs open. just my luck.

also my luck... i am reading over the information on my "extended disability plan application" and pieced this together:

-i have been on medical leave since may 15, 2009.
-i have been on UNPAID leave since september 15, 2009.
-i am not eligible for extended disability until november 12, 2009.
-extended disability would allow me appox. 50% of my pay.
-per extended disability plan, i am required to also file for social security disability benefits.

medical leave paperwork cover letter noted:

-SS application can take several months.

-advised SS determinations have "entirely different standards" and more than likely i could be denied.

-your disability must be for "a period no less than 12 months"

-i have been off just short of 6 months, and was also sent a letter that states "after you have been on one year of leave and you are unable to return to work and have no impending release to return to work from medical leave you may be separated from the company."

-so, it seems a bit of a waste for me to file for SS disability benefits since
1) i dont meet the minimum requirement of 12 months off and
2) if i did meet the minimum 12 month requirement, i would be off too long to be able to keep my employment status active and would prolly be fired (excuse me, "separated") anyway.

but lets say i AM approved for at least the extended disability through my employer alone. my application is not eligible until november 12, 2009. then i am told it takes an average 60 days to be approved. lets go on the fast side and say it only takes me 30 days. november 12th my application is in. say, december 12th i'm approved. well, on this plan you get paid monthly "on our about the 25th of the month"... they say, that your initial monthly payment will not be until the following month.

the earliest i could possibly get my next paycheck is january 25th, 2010.
so, i have the terrible possibility of being on unpaid leave with no assistance from september 15, 2009 until january 25, 2010. (at the earliest!)

do you see now one of my major stress factors in addition to my health issues? i have, literally, no income. i am not eligible for unemployment or state assistance. (i would like to note that i have never used any form of government assistance and i refuse to, unless absolutely necessary. and i think now is the time i would need it, but i am not eligible.) no income whatsoever. medical bills piling up on top of my regular bills. i really need to get my house sold. i have never had a credit card. still dont. never been in a bankruptcy or foreclosure situation and i am trying my damnedest not to let that happen now.

honestly, i just dont know what else i can do. if anyone has any experience with a similar situation or suggestions, ideas, brainstorms... let me know! i am exhausted with trying to get better AND trying to figure out how this will work. i think the added stress of the paperwork / lack-of-income aspect is so very stressful it may be hindering my healing process, if even a little.

i know that sooo many people are going through sooo many of their own things right now. i am not trying to say my worries or woes are worse than yours. on the same note, i do know that a lot of you are going through, well, a lot... but that shouldnt discount the level of my situation. i hope i am not putting my foot in my mouth here. i just hope that we can all support each other and love each other and get through these miserable things together. i am always here if any of you ever want to write, email, call, text... whatever. i am here for you! i love you all so very much and i just wish we could all live happy, healthy and peacefully. together.

maybe that's just the flower child in me.

take care of you and yours.
be well.

please note: yes, i am grateful for what i DO have... a roof over my head (currently), medical insurance (currently), LOVING family, friends and canines, and each day that i wake up, alive (yeah, even though i am in pain... i am alive!)


Darwyn said...

I know you may not want to, but you may want to try to get social security. You have no idea how long you'll be disabled and it takes a long time and usually a lawyer to get it. Your Grampa Bob had multiple heart attacks and in a wheelchair and a letter from a heart doctor. But because the way the doctor worded the letter they denied him SS. Google Ask a Lawyer maybe you can get some free legal advice. LOVE UNCLE DAR

pnellum83 said...

Lady Bug I know you said you werent elgible for state aide maybe you could try emergency state aide. Its when they give you a lump sum accoring to how bad off you are. Just try it you might be amazed and actually since youare on medical leave I think you might get some food assistance and maybe even supplemental medical in case you get seperated from your job. Also its a website I've gotta find it but they will help file papers for you for FREE in your behalf for SS. I know you think you might not be elgible for SS but try it anyway until you have exhausted all of your resources.

imagine said...

i am required to file for SS when i file for extended disability. i talked to my medical leave rep and she said that the company will have a SS person contact me to complete the application process after they receive my paperwork (that i already faxed). i have filed for the food card (not quite the same as food stamps). i went to the michigan gov assistance site and did the survey and the food card is all i was eligible for. necie, it said i was not eligible for the emergency assistance or supplemental medical. thanks for thinking of me though. i wont know about the food card until next month. for now, i am going to one of the local churches every other wednesday they do the "daily bread" bank. you go and depending on the number of people in your household you get bread products and sometimes a few other small things. it doesnt seem like much, but it is a lot when you dont have anything! thanks for all of your well wishes and support. if you think of anything else, dont hesitate to let me know! I LOVE YOU! ~angela