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26 January 2010

the good and bad of yesterday

i've been getting tons of inquiries wondering what happened yesterday in ANGELAnd. here goes.

i once again woke to make a million and one phone calls, emails and faxes that would never be returned. that is the case with pretty much everything i have tried to do during my medical leave. this is the basic rundown... since i have a bunch more stuff to do today...

still no word from the lawyers that were suppose to call me last wednesday.

still getting nothing but voicemails when i call to get my medical records to submit for my medical leave extension appeal that is due by march 5th.

i finally got a hold of someone to request information about what happens if my appeal is denied. he was not able to actually answer my questions, but he was the first person to tell me he could make "tickets" for each of my requests and i should get a callback within 2 business days. so i did all that.

i'll explain something first, then tell you what my questions were...

first, i finally got a 2nd appointment with the new neurologist. the one that jacked up my appointment on january 4th ---read about that here--- i will see the new neuro, dr jewett, on monday february 1st at 1145a in the three rivers office for my 2nd consultation.

then i was finally able to get registered with the cleveland clinic. i had never heard of them before, but from what i am told they are similar to mayo clinic. they are sending me a packet to complete, and i have to come up with my past 2 years of medical records... this should be fun. i've been having enough problems getting my medical records for only the last 8 months! anywhom, cleveland clinic has my intake appointment for thursday march 25th at 10a. they told me to plan on being seen a minimum of 5 business days for tests and doctor consults galore. kinda sucks they are starting me on a thrusday, since i will have to pay for my own hotel, and throwing a weekend in there is just 2 extra nights, when i dont even know how i'm gonna afford the other 5.

here is the downside... and the questions i asked about my medical leave appeal...

the appeal board will take 45 days to approve/deny my appeal for medical leave extension. without approval, my termination date is april 25th. so i have to have my entire appeal submitted no later than march 5th. however, i dont have enough of my records right now, and it's not looking like i'll have them by march 5th... the cleveland clinic info could help my appeal, but my appointment isnt until march 25th. so what i am trying to find out is...

what happens if my first level appeal is denied, and i am fired as of april 25th? i do not have time before april 25th to file a second level appeal. so, would a second level appeal, after the fact of being fired, but also containing my cleveland clinic information, would that save my job? or would that only allow me retro pay for what i was entitled while i was still employed? and, if i do get fired, will i be retroactively billed for all of my medical that insurance has paid while i have been in appeals since september? that would be at least 5 months of medical bills that insurance has already covered... but would they hold me responsible for it after the fact?

after a terrible morning of phone calls that seemed to be going nowhere... i got 2 packages! one was from my best friend, jess! she and i have a shared art journal that we scribble in and send back and forth to each other. well, not only did i get the journal, she also sent me 3 fully-loaded cds that she made for me! i've only listened to the 1st cd so far... but her music choices are brilliant! so that made me feel all warm and fuzzy! theeen...i go another package! a few months ago, when i had a bit of money, i ordered a hoodie from the pablove foundation. they had my stuff on backorder and backorder and backorder. well, i got my stuff yesterday after getting my package from jess! yippee!

theeen... my actual snail mail showed up. i got my tax forms! heck yeah! aaand... i FINALLY got my food assistance from the state! they never called me back, and i had filed a complaint online, but i dont really care what happened on their end... i got my food assistance! they only retro-paid me $36 for october/november/december combined, but my current amount is more reasonable! i have never had to receive assistance before. this is all new to me. and while it feels good to know i can by myself groceries, it is kinda bittersweet.

last night i went to the grocery store. it was so twisted. i was happy to be getting groceries, but i was seriously holding back tears when i would have to ask a clerk "is this covered on the food card?" the state does not send you a letter or anything telling you what you can and cant buy, but there is stuff not covered, and i have zero money and didnt want to be standing at the cash register, embarrassed because i couldnt pay a balance for stuff that was not covered. in addition to necessities, i only bought 2 treats. i got my chai tea mix... and i got this braid of mozzarella cheese that is marinated in olive oil, garlic, peppers, and tons of other spices. i always look at it, but have never ever bought this cheese before, because it is $6 for 8 ounces. but i bought it for myself as a treat. and i am crying now as i tell you that. but i deserve it dagnabit!

so, this morning i made my usual phone calls. then i went and had my taxes done. i only worked about 3 and a half months in 2009... and i was only paid for 5 months of medical... so the leftovers, i'm not sure how that all works. i guess they just write it off as no income. however, i have not been able to make a house payment for 4 months, so i was worried they would garnish any refund i had, but they didnt. *sigh of relief*. i was told i should have my refund on or around february 10th.

i want to add a thanks on here to the folks that have helped me, or offered to help me, with getting food for my dogters. i am not sure if it is appropriate or not to "name names"... but you know who you are! my dogters and i are very very appreciative. and i have had tons of other offers from friends and family to be added to my list of go-to people if we need anything else! thank you from the bottom of my heart! this really means so very much to me!

and now, i need to finish up my time here at the library. the above portion was written at my house, but i was in here earlier to print off some tax stuff, and a couple of minutes ago i heard one librarian telling another that i had been here, online, once already this morning. but it was only for about 15 minutes... so i should be allowed to come back for my remaining 45!

i hope your tuesday is magnificent! please keep in your thoughts and prayers all those less fortunate than you. while i know that i am having a rough time, i do know that it could be much worse. and thanks to you for all of your love and support and thoughts and prayers!

i love you all oodles and bunches!
be well.

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