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07 January 2010

(quick) medical update #8

okay, so, this is going to be a quick update because i am uber tired and have to leave at 630a tomorrow for 2 doctor appointments about an hour and a half drive (one way). then ma is having a lia sophia jewelry party at 7p. tomorrow is going to be a looong day.

i left really early so that i could take my time driving since the weather is miserable. i knew i had plenty of time, so i made some stops along the way and took some photos... as you can see in the new album i posted.

got to the dr office early, and they said it was actually kinda a slow day, so my doc was able to spend 2 hours with me! yay! i see karen wessendorf at promed in three rivers, michigan as my primary care and i absolutely LOVE her!

without going in too deep with details, this is what went down...
the 2 cancers tests i took came back negative. that is great!
but i still have problems, so she is trying a different med for one of them.
they drew more blood for more tests.
went over everything that has been going on, onset tll now. brainstormed a ton of stuff.
she is keeping me on the low dose anti-d, celexa, i have been on and also putting me on cymbalta, which i guess is used to treat both chronic pain and depression/anxiety. i think my depression/anxiety levels wouldnt be so bad if i didnt have chronic pain. but who knows.
i despise taking meds at all. i especially freak out when i have to take more than one at the same time. 1) i have esophagus issues and i'm sure some kind of mental block that makes me not be able to swallow pills easily. 2) i get totally freaked that i'm going to die from mixing meds. i know, i know, the doctor says it is fine... but it still makes me uneasy. i live alone. and i get afraid that by the time someone finds me, my starving dogs will have eaten me. but maybe that's just all the horror flicks i've seen. so, that being said, it's 830p now. i am taking my pills and going to bed after i post this. if you dont see a post from me by 630a (when i need to leave for dr appointments tomorrow) you should send someone to my house. i'm just sayin'.

still no news from the new neurologist that i saw on monday. i was hoping they would have gotten all my files from other docs by now and at least be able to tell me if they are going to see me again... but when i called today, nothing. blargh.

i'm getting feedback that people at work are pissed because they think they are working overtime to cover for me. but that is not the case. when i hit the 6 month mark on medical leave, i was told my job would be given away. so, technically, i do not have a specific position within the company now. i am only "attached" to the company with no specific job. that is what i was told. so to those people that are picking up the slack from what was *going to be* my spot, you are not covering for me. if no one was hired to replace me when they took my job away in october, that is not my fault. pass it along. and stop glaring at me in public and talking behind my back to people that are my real friends and you surely know will tell me. get over yourselves. i have done all i can and so much more trying to keep my job AND keep my sanity trying to get better from an illness no one has been able to diagnose. just be lucky you even have a job... let alone overtime.

i mentioned that my ma is having a lia sophia jewelry party tomorrow. it is at her place at 7p friday the 8th... tomorrow! if you would like to come, please do! with all that has been crazy lately, she was not able to get out as many invites as she wanted. so, if you would like to be there, you can just show up at my ma's house... if you need address or phone numbers or directions... just let me know and i will private message you!

okay kids... i'm off to curl up with my dogters. thanks for all of your well wishes while i have been going thru this difficult time. i really appreciate you!
much love.
be well.

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