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26 July 2009

KaiYin Update

<<--- left to right
KaiYin, Me, Loki

KaiYin is my best dog in the world. she is my best friend. she is 9 years and 7 months old. she was diagnosed with cancer when she was 3. she has been through 5 surgeries to have masses removed. the least expensive surgery was about $2,000. a few months ago i found another lump. now, since the type of cancer she has usually recurs in the same area, it's sometimes hard to tell what is fresh and what is scar tissue. i took her in as soon as i found it, and they did a biopsy in the office. they said no cancer cells and sent us home. that was a relief. however. the recent couple of weeks i have noticed it seems to be growing ever so slightly. i called the animal hospital just now and they said i could call back after 8a and speak with her surgeon for an appointment. i need to get her in and get another biopsy. when i do this, if they ever find cancer cells, they keep her right away and do surgery. her most recent surgery was about $4,000 and that wasnt the most expensive one ever. anywhom... i asked how much the office consult would be... they said $120. ugh. this sucks so much. i cant get pet insurance on her because she has pre-existing. go figure. to top it off, i myself, am on medical leave and not getting paid on a regular basis. and when i do get paid, it is not a normal paycheck - it's only a percentage of my regular pay. i'm going to talk to them about setting up payment arrangements. we have been loyal and honest and appreciative patients there for a while now, and i am hoping that since they do love KaiYin so much (she loves them, too!) that they will let me set up some kind of payment plan. i have done that in the past, but with my irregular pay right now, i dont know what they will do for me. anywhom... i'll explain better, more, later about KaiYin and all we have gone through. i just wanted to post this tonight to let KaiYin lovers know. as far as i can tell, she never knows she is "sick". so that is a bit of a relief. i'll keep you posted as i know more.

be well.
~Angela, KaiYin, and Loki

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Loki646 said...

As you know, anything regarding the girl keeps me concerned. We unfortunately lost Wasabi last week to an abrupt unknown cause. We are still awaiting the full results of the necropsy to determine cause and whether or not it was avoidable if the clinic that was treating her had been 100% diligent in their treatment of her. As always prayers & best wishes to you and your "kids".

imagine said...

it was really nice talking with you last night. so sorry for your loss. i keep an eye on your page (even though you dont update much!) and i did notice that Wasabi's photo was posted. if there is ever anything i can do, just know all you have to do is say the word. KaiYin still perks her ears when i say "Quita Quita"! *pooches smooches*
~Ang, KaiYin, and Loki